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Hello and welcome to my blog Lulu Runner!

Posted by on September 24, 2013

Welcome to my blog, Lulu Runner! I created this blog as part of a project for a class I am taking at FSU called Social Media Management. However, I plan to continue the blog after my class is over because I have wanted to chronicle my adventures in running for some time, so this is a good opportunity to “get the ball rolling” as they say. I don’t plan on my blog being just about running though, I hope to share other things in my life, such as new recipes I’ve tried and other fun things I think others might enjoy reading about, and, of course, my blog would not be complete without including my Weimaraner, Cooper, in the fun!


To catch you up a bit, I have been running competitively for most of my life, and moved to Florida in 2003. I battled a knee injury for several years that kept me from running as much as I wanted and eventually I had arthroscopic knee surgery for a frayed meniscus. It took me two more years to rehab it to the point that I could run again. At this time, I was able to run regularly, but was not very fast. I decided to sign up for a local running camp and finally started to get fast again. It was during this time that I got engaged to my boyfriend Mark and we adopted an 8-week old Weimaraner that we named Cooper. In 2009, we were married and Cooper was our handsome ring bearer.


Shortly after that, I decided to start training for my first marathon. I ran the Space Coast Marathon in 2010 and qualified for Boston with a 3:29 time. I ran Boston in April 2011, and despite the record-setting heat and consequently a horrible finish time, I absolutely loved the experience of being there! Around this time, I was also offered a spot on a running team sponsored by a local running store and participated in various races almost every weekend while continuing to participate in running camp. In April 2011, I ran my lifetime PR in the 5K with a 19:50. Unfortunately a few months later I started to feel the beginning of plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the ligament in the bottom of your foot. For a little over a year, I have dealt with plantar fasciitis in one foot or the other and occasionally both feet at the same time. In the last month, it has finally subsided in my right foot, and barely remains in my left. I still ran while being injured, but my mileage rarely exceeded 10 miles a week, my races were slow, and my feet pretty much always hurt. This last week, I was able to reach my highest mileage in over a year and logged 35 miles. I also ran a 5K about a week and a half ago and finished in 21:19, my fastest time in over a year. I think I am finally getting over what has to be one of the most frustrating running injuries. It’s one of those injuries that takes such a long time to heal and if you don’t come back very slowly, it will just keep flaring up. I am so anxious to get back to more serious training and be able to improve on my 5K PR. I have decided, however, to not to do any marathons for another year or two due to the serious time commitment that the training requires. Since I am working and going to grad school full-time, I plan to just focus on local 5Ks up to half marathons. I plan to share my race recaps and throw in occasional running tips and inspiration here on my blog as I move forward with my training.


So, now that you know a bit about me, I hope you will continue to tune into my blog, and I am glad you stopped by!

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